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Flight attendant

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"Truly exhilharating"

- Louder Than War

"Frontwoman Karalyne Winegarner commands your attention like Freddie Mercury working the crowd in an arena."

- Glide Magazine

"…channel the pulsing groove of The Kills"

- Mystic Sons  (UK)

"One of this year’s best singles"


"Pulsates with a robust, hypnotic energy"


"Blends crunchy guitars and a driving rhythm section with a mix of eerie vocals, keys and a frickin’ viola!" 

- New Noise Mag (US)

Flight Attendant belongs to that breed of rock bands made in Nashville, where their sound is nothing less than a sonic unicorn. Blending sounds of grunge with dark-pop hooks, viola and light synth textures, they have begun to create a hypnotic sound and energy all of their own.

Glide Magazine says that Lead Singer Karalyne, “commands your attention like Freddie Mercury working the crowd in an arena.”


The group members initially met via various shared friends and interests. Karalyne Winegarner (lead vocals, keys, from Kansas City, Kansas) met Vinny Maniscalco (guitar, vocals, from Boston) and Derek Sprague (drummer, bartender and beatmaker from Boston) at Belmont University. They all ended up working in restaurants together as bartenders and Sommeliers in Nashville, Tennessee - where their paths crossed with Nikki Christie (violist, vocals and multimedia artist from Topanga Canyon, CA). After Nikki’s addition to the group, the band solidified their bond and began to make more than just cocktails; they began to create their sound. 


TurnUpTheVolume describes Flight Attendant as “Warpaint having a dance with Best Coast”, while they have also been compared to Lana Del Rey, No Doubt, Fleetwood Mac and a number of other iconic artists. Flight Attendant has played sold out shows from Nashville, TN, to Austin,TX, including SXSW 2022, and the Nashville Film Festival - where they have entranced audiences and created a fitting example of what's to come. 


With the help of their cabin crew, Flight Attendant is quickly making a name for themselves on the global stage.

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