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“Smoky Americana”

– Pop Matters


“The most exciting music to hit the airwaves in a while”

- Elmore Magazine


– PopDose

“Her voice could melt ice”

– Innocent Words

Born in France a coal miner’s daughter, Pauline Andres made a name for herself with a sweet and smoky voice that “perfectly conveys the thoughts and observations of an old soul walking home at closing time.”

She grew up in a family of Hungarian and Slovenian descent by the German border in a town where the local dialect was more common than the official language. Caught between the fun of it all and the harsh personal and social truths that lead to such an environment, Andres started taking notes.

The songstress settled in Music City after several years in London and Berlin, where she recorded the accidental EP "Fuck You French Girl" and 2 LPs: "All Them Ghosts" and "The Heart Breaks".

It is the positive reception of The Heart Breaks in the US, that made her decide to go to Nashville, TN and focus more on working as a songwriter and producer. There, she released her 3rd LP "Fearless Heart" while starting to write with locals and work on her producing skills. 

Andres has written over 250 songs and counting in genres as varied as Country, Pop, Electro and even Christian.

She is currently working on a new album and just announced her first Electro-Pop EP “Tornado Season” announced for early 2021

Like Cline and Carter, Williams and Sandoval, Andres has helped us remember that it is often the simple things that will help us overcome” – The Revue

A heart-wrenching lyricist whose words cut to the bone” – Bucket Full of Nails

"Patsy Cline" on Spotify's Editorial Playlist "Southern Gothic"

"A Happy Christmas Song" on Spotify's Editorial Playlist "Folksy Christmas"

"Amazing Talent" - TONSPION


"Fantastic Songwriting" - THE REVUE

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